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Winter Series and Race Test Calendar 2023/2024 published

The GT Winter Series enters its fourth season, the GT4 Winter Series starts anew. Both feature the same calendar with six top FIA locations. In addition to racing, there are plenty of test days for preparation. Promoter Gedlich Racing strictly separates pure race tests for race preparation from track days.

Six FIA locations, Aragón back on the schedule
“The concept of the Winter Series hits the nerve of teams and drivers exactly,” concludes Robin Selbach of Gedlich Racing. “The calendar and race modes will therefore remain virtually unchanged for the coming season.” Back on the programme is the Motorland Aragón. Selbach: “It is one of the best tracks in Europe, super-modern and with optimum safety. Everything is just right here. That’s why, and due to many customer requests, we have included it in the 2023/2024 calendar.”

GT4 Winter Series starts
The GT4 Winter Series was recently announced. It is an officially SRO-licensed championship that runs under the international GT4 rules and carries the official GT4 logo. With Pirelli tyres and the official Balance of Performance, it is set to meet the professional demands of aspiring GT4 drivers and be a veritable championship for motorsport teams. It runs in the same event package as the GT Winter Series, which in future will only have GT3 cars and Cup and Challenge cars in the field.

Lots of test days just for racing cars
The Winter Series calendar offers more than just pure racing. In the run-up to each Winter Series weekend, there are two test days (called Race Test), which are reserved for Winter Series participants. In addition, Gedlich Racing offers 13 further Race Test days on the same tracks on which the Winter Series races – ideal for additional preparation time for the races, but also for all non-Winter Series racers. Common to all test days is a strictly limited number of cars for optimal testing conditions. In addition, only race cars in the GT4 category or higher are allowed to start. For road sports cars and trackday drivers, Gedlich Racing offers a separate calendar with “Endless Summer”.

Calendar is ready – reservations and bookings are being accepted
The calendar is already online and the dates can be booked. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact Robin Selbach or Racing Coordinator Stefan Lehner at any time. Here you can make a reservation for the dates so that your starting place is secured. Alternatively, you can already register now.

14/15 Dec 2023 Race Tests Portimao

10 Jan 2024 Race Test Estoril (18 cars)
11/12 Jan 2024 Winter Series test days Estoril
13/14 Jan 2023 Winter Series race days Estoril

16/17 Jan 2024 Race Test Portimão
18/19 Jan 2024 Winter Series test days Portimão
20/21 Jan 2024 Winter Series race days Portimão

04 Feb 2024 Race Test Portimão
05/06 Feb 2024 Race Test Portimão

08/09 Feb 2024 Winter Series test days Jerez
10/11 Feb 2024 Winter Series race days Jerez

15/16 Feb 2024 Winter Series test days Valencia
17/18 Feb 2024 Winter Series race days Valencia
26/27 Feb 2024 Race Test Valencia

29/01 Mar 2024 Winter Series test days Aragón
02/03 Mar 2024 Winter Series race days Aragón

07/08 Mar 2024 Winter Series test days Barcelona
09/10 Mar 2024 Winter Series race days Barcelona

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Stefan Lehner
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