28.10.2022 | News

PROsport Racing with Aston Martin in the GT Winter Series

PROsport Racing is best known from the German Endurance Championship and the ADAC GT4 Germany. Here, team boss Christoph Esser uses the Aston Martin Vantage. For the 2023 season, PROsport has acquired two more Aston Martin cars and will compete in several GT4 series at once. Says Esser, “This gives us the freedom to assign cars to the individual series and thus prepare even more specifically.”

The team will use the winter to intensively practice in the GT Winter Series. “This is ideal for us,” says Esser, “because the GTWS runs exactly the same race format as the GT4 series, which takes place in the summer. This gives our drivers a chance to get to grips with each other. I know from experience that drivers who stay in training in the winter start the summer at a better level. That’s exactly our goal.”

PROsport has just announced a women’s team as the driver duo for the summer of 2023. Gabriela Jilková will share an Aston Martin GT4 with the fast Frenchwoman Célia Martin. The latter lives in Adenau, not far from the Nürburgring, and was currently racing mainly on the Nordschleife.

“I have been working for some time to expand my activities beyond those at the Nürburgring. I now want to do that together with ‘Quick Gaby’,” says Célia. Esser is also in talks with other drivers, however, because ideally more than one PROsport Aston Martin will compete in the GT Winter Series.

PROsport will be present at the GT Winter Series with one or more Aston Martin Vantage cars to get the team and drivers in the right frame of mind for their upcoming events and to get used to the ADAC GT4 Germany and the GT4 European Series under live conditions.

PROsport is also in negotiation with both ladies – so it is not excluded that Gabriela and Célia will be seen at the GT Winter Series. For Gaby this would not be new, because she was already once champion and once vice-champion of the GT Winter Series and knows almost all tracks.

We wish her every success!

Drivers interested in joining the multiple champion team are welcome to contact team manager Christoph Esser personally at info@prosport-racing.de


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