10.02.2024 | News

jvo Racing celebrates season debut in Valencia

Jörg van Ommen competed in the DTM between 1984 and 1996. In Germany’s best-known racing series, van Ommen scored five victories. After his active career, van Ommen was able to set up his own racing team with jvo Racing, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year.

With jvo Racing, van Ommen has been one of the defining faces of the GT Winter Series under various team names. He will make his debut in the 2024 season at the upcoming race weekend on the world-famous MotoGP circuit in Cheste.

jvo Racing will enter a Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo in Valencia, which will compete in the highly competitive Cup 1 class. Gentleman driver Frank Kewitz will drive the car together with his driving coach Kevin Mirocha. In his career, the German-Polish Mirocha has competed in Formula 3, Formula 2 and GP2, among others, and has made an excellent name for himself as a coach in recent years.

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