10.11.2021 | News

Acquire Int. FIA license at GT Winter Series

Get Int. C Lizenz at the GT Winter Series.

The FIA has just adapted the regulations for the acquisition of the international licenses. So from now on it is no longer possible to acquire the Int. D license by means of a training course. The only option is to produce race results on the basis of which one can apply for the international license.

Furthermore, the requirements for the Int. C license have been tightened. One now needs 10 results to be able to apply for the int. C license.

The GT Winter Series offers a platform to achieve these results. There are three races per event (2x Sprint, 1x Endurance), so that a total of 12 results can be achieved at the four events.

In addition, newcomers have the option to acquire the national A license by means of a course in the immediate run-up to the GT Winter Series event. Get your license on Friday, drive the GT Winter Series on Saturday/Sunday.

More info on the DMSB Website >>


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