17.09.2021 | News

Goodyear again tire partner of GT Winter Series

Goodyear has been a partner of the GT Winter Series since its launch. Now the extension of the partnership has been announced.

Goodyear is THE name in international motorsport. The partner from Hanau has been part of the GTWS since the beginning. Also in the 2021/2022 season, the experts will be in the paddock to provide the drivers with optimal material.

Goodyear Motorsport Director Alexander Kühn: “The GT Winter Series has developed magnificently and is a great winter activity for many teams and drivers. So it is only logical for us to support. We have excellent products for all classes.”

In the GT Winter Series there is no tire commitment, everyone can drive the brand they want. However, there are good reasons to choose Goodyear, even if you may have driven a different brand so far.

The all-new BMW M2 CS Racing Winter Cup, on the other hand, makes Goodyear mandatory. Project Manager Robin Selbach explains: “In a Cup, everything revolves around absolute equality of opportunity. So it is optimal if all drivers are on the road with identical material. So in the end, only the driver and the team count.”

Goodyear tires can be ordered via the order form, which is available for download on the GTWS website.


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GTWS-Partner - GoodYear