13.11.2021 | News

DRAGO Racing Team ZvO with two GT4 in the GT Winter Series

Defending champions Haub/Jilkova and Toth/Liška on the grid

Sometimes one plus one makes much more than two. This is precisely the approach taken by the flame-haired “Zakowski van Ommen” motorsport team. Two illustrious names from the world of motorsport are joining forces to set the course for success and sustainability.

Jörg van Ommen – sonorous DTM driver name
Who doesn’t know them, the two names of the ZvO team partners? Jörg van Ommen is a former top driver from the time-honored German Touring Car Championship (DTM) and won the runner-up title there twice on Mercedes AMG.

Philipp Zakowski – the offspring of a dynasty
Philipp Zakowski also boasts a significant surname. His father, Erich, was not only the founder of the long-established Zakspeed team, but also took it all the way to Formula 1. Now Philipp is bringing all the experience he gained as a team manager to his own team.

Combined forces, new team – DRAGO Racing Team ZvO
Both team up and call themselves Zakowski van Ommen (ZvO). Thanks to the strong partners DRAGO Immobilien GmbH and Tasco Revision und Beratung GmbH they start from scratch in the prestigious and hotly contested racing series ADAC GT Masters, GT4 Germany and with two cars in the GT Winter Series. The team name in the starting list: DRAGO Racing Team ZvO.

The GTWS defending champions drive ZvO AMG GT4s.
Robert Haub and Gabriela Jilkova are the reigning champions of the GT Winter Series. From now on they start in the team of DRAGO Racing Team ZvO and drive again an AMG GT4. The goal is to defend the title, but also to prepare optimally for the German summer season in 2022. In 2021, the results of Haub and Jilkova in the ADAC GT4 Germany already clearly showed that the team started with a decent training advantage over the competition.

Toth and Liška on the second ZvO GT4
The second ZvO GT4 is driven by Martin Toth and Josef Liška. The two Czechs have plenty of racing experience and want to be in the thick of things in the GT Winter Series.

Training, team experience, speed
For ZvO, the GT Winter Series is an important field of activity in several respects. Zakowski explains: “Our team is completely new and is now expanding. For us, it is optimal to gain experience in the racing environment before we start in the top German series . The GT Winter Series offers us the opportunity for sprint and endurance races, all on tracks that are very representative of test work . Last but not least, our drivers should train and develop as much speed as possible over the winter.”


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